Frequently Answered Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions

  • How do I purchase from you?

    Purchasing from us is a breeze! Start off by finding the package that suits you the most on our fans or likes page. After that, use our simple checkout process to locate your account or images that you would like the fans/likes on, and complete your purchase with PayPal. The order should be submitted and completed within a few minutes (sometimes seconds) after the payment is received! It simply can not get any easier than this.

  • Is this actually for real?

    Yes, absolutely. Unlike all the other providers that claim they can give you a more successful IGTV account, we actually stand by our promise. If you do not trust us, simply try the smallest package on our site for a simple dollar, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There is a 100% chance that you will come back for more once you’ve tried us out.

  • How do I know this isn’t fake?

    We have been providing social media services for over 15 years now, and have a well established PayPal account. The reason we use PayPal is for both yours and our safety. If there are any issues with your order, rest assured that PayPal has your back with their buyer protection program. We also provide a full money back guarantee if there were any issues with your order. Simply contact our super amazing support team and we will get your sorted out.

  • Do you accept other payment methods?

    As of today, the only payment method we accept is PayPal, because it’s the most popular online payment gateway in the world. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, the checkout process is fairly easy. We will add more payment methods as time passes by.

  • Can I get featured using your services?

    Yes, and it is proven many times by our users! Using our services, there is actually a 75% higher chance of being featured versus our competitors. As far as we know, no other competitor of ours has gotten any musers featured. We have done it time after time, so why not be the next big one?

  • The checkout process cannot find me! Why?

    If you have trouble locating your account in our checkout process, it is most likely because of your account privacy. You need to set your account to “public” in order for our system to be able to find and deliver your order. Please do not turn on “private” until the order is finished!

  • Do I have to give you my password?

    We will never ask you for your password, and do not require it at all. If you have been asked for your password by other websites, please change it as soon as possible, as this is not how promotions work. Our only website is – so please do not get tricked by imitators that claim to be us, or ask for your password.

  • Can I work with you?

    We offer social influencers a chance to work with us. If you have a well established career on IGTV – but are trying to get bigger, reach out to us. With our promotion, we can really help you get on another level. We will provide you with heavily discounted promotional packages in exchange for your promotion of our services. Get in touch through the contact page.

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